About Us
International Development in Education Association (IDEA) is a newly chartered student organization at CMC dedicated to promoting awareness about issues regarding education all around the world. Some issues include unequal representation of girls and boys in schools, poor quality of education, students' lack of confidence and self-assertion, poor retention rates, or even no access to education. IDEA believes that international development in education can be expedited if people in more privileged countries come together to tackle issues that arise in education sectors of less privileged countries. 

Furthermore, IDEA believes that as individuals in a global society, the greatest contribution we can collectively make is none other than… rallying for education! Education empowers, expands opportunities, and is the root of any successful individual, community, or nation. Education for all kids means more brain power to make this world better!

Thus, as a student organization on campus, we hope to organize all that we can- speaker series, fundraisers, events, and etc. – to spread awareness about issues facing int’l development in education and education in general and to encourage others to join our movement in supporting education for all in any and all ways! Education is a human right!